I love polyhedra. When I needed test cases for printing at Formlabs, I would often write a script to generate some interesting polyhedra. As a result, I have a crazy collection of these motley scripts scattered all over my laptop. I finally found the time to sweep them all together into one place.


I’ve put the result here.

It’s written in Rust, with one function for each shape. So it’s relatively easy to extend as I add more. Hopefully this will prevent the spread of these scripts in the future.

The output is STL, which is an awfully wonky format. But it is the lingua franca for 3D printing, so…

The basic idea is that you do something like:

stl-polyhedra -p rhombicuboctahedron -o output.stl

There is a -h option for getting help, and a -l option for getting a list of all of the polyhedra it knows about.